Making Bagel and Cream Cheese Pieces Bites — Photos

This post is a bit of a gratuitous post to pass the time during my holidays, while showing a bit how I leverage freezers as useful tools for day to day cooking and eating, and highlight how, beyond the strictly obvious (or conversely, as an example of the obvious, whichever you prefer 🙂 ), my cooking efforts actually do fit into and serve everyday life — literally!

Yes, the breakfast shown at the end of this post is a very typical daily breakfast for me these days, barring the days, often on weekends or holidays, when I might choose to make other breakfast foods from my collection of recipes (or of course, something else completely.)

Note: I must confess that despite claiming to be a proud Montrealer, for these breakfast bites, I favour a commercial, industrially baked bagel typical of the fluffy, New-York style (here is my archive), instead of Montreal-style bagels (here is my archive).)

Making the Bagel and Cream Cheese Bites:

After coming home from the store and having bought bagels and a cream cheese spread flavoured with “herbs” and roasted garlic, I took out a cutting board:

Cutting board taken out

A bagel slicer, basically a serrated edge attached to a wooden guide, and a table knife, were taken out:

Bagel slicer and knife taken out

A bag of commercially produced bagels, purchased earlier in the day, was taken out:

Bag of bagels taken out

The bag clip was taken off the bag in order to open the bag of bagels:

Bag clip removed from bag

The bagels were taken out of the bag:

Bagels taken out of bag

The empty bag was kept and put aside:

Bag kept and put aside

A bagel was sliced (be careful, some industrially produced bagels may be partly pre-sliced):

Bagel being sliced
Sliced bagel

… and the rest of the bagels were sliced:

Bagels sliced

A 227g (8oz) container of a commercially prepared cream cheese spread, in this case flavoured with “herbs” and roasted garlic, purchased earlier in the day, was taken out:

Flavoured cream cheese spread taken out

The lid was removed from the cream cheese container …

Plastic seal to be removed from container

… and the plastic seal was also removed from the container:

Plastic seal removed from container
Plastic seal removed from container

The knife was used to pick up some of the cream cheese:

Picking up cream cheese with knife
Cream cheese picked up with knife

A couple of bagel halves were placed on the cutting board, and the knife holding the cream cheese was brought to them …

Cream cheese brought to bagel halves

… and cream cheese was spread on one of the bagel halves:

Cream cheese spread on bagel half
Cream cheese spread on bagel half

The two bagel halves were put back together:

Bagel halves joined back together
Bagel halves joined back together

Cream cheese was spread on a few more bagels, and after spreading cream cheese on half of the bagels, the container was about half empty:

I continued to spread cream cheese on the rest of the bagels; I scraped the last of the cream cheese out of the container, and I spread the last of the cream cheese onto the last of the six bagels:

Scraping the last of the cream cheese from the bottom of the container and spread onto last bagel

At this point, all six bagels were filled with cream cheese:

Bagels filled with cream cheese

At this point, a clean knife was taken out, and a bagel was cut at a single point:

… and then the bagel was cut in two other places, resulting in three pieces:

The bagel pieces were placed back in the bag:

Piece of bagel placed in bag
Three bagel pieces placed in bag

… and as I continued cutting up the rest of the bagels, I placed the bagel pieces in the bag:

Half the bagel pieces in the bag

… until all the bagel pieces were in the bag:

All bagel pieces in bag

A tie wrap was taken out:

Tie wrap taken out

The tie wrap was used to seal up the bag again:

Bag sealed with tie wrap

The bag of bagel and cream cheese pieces was placed in the freezer:

Bag of bagel and cream cheese pieces placed in freezer

The next morning, I took out a bagel and cream cheese bite, and defrosted it along with a mini raisin bran muffin, made earlier in the week using my mom’s bran muffin recipe, a pickled egg, some cheese, and some peanut butter scooped from the jar:

Breakfast is served!


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