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Donald's Blog

I talk or rant about what's on my mind -- usually from the point of view of a lazy lUzer who hasn't a clue about how his computer really works or what he's really talking about. But is glad to be a using Fedora desktop, instead of whatever Redmond is offering.

I use Fedora, a version of Linux, on my desktop, laptops and used to use it for my home server. I had a brief bout with Ubuntu 9.04 (hated it but it worked, and I continue to hate Ubuntu with a passion. Funny, I still recommend Ubuntu to people, it has a not very painful learning curve. And, why divide ourselves when the point is to encourage people to at least try linux. Finally, I used to use CentOS 4.4 to 4.7 (A Red Hat Enterprise Linux re-spin) on my desktop and laptop, and moved to 5.2 until I had to move on due to printer incompatibility. Most linux distributions are legal to download and install for free!

Now I have a desktop with Fedora 17 as of January 2013 using Mate (had to investigate it for someone who doesn't want to use Gnome 3, and changing back to a Gnome 2 environment was easy), a notebook on F17 with Mate, and a home server on CentOS 6.

Would you like to know how Fedora has historically kept up with a roughly 13 month lifespan (and by default, its 6 month release cycle -- given that they say that End of Life is 1 month after the release of the second version following, and that they will release roughly twice a year)?

Surprisingly well on average, despite often being late by a few weeks and occasionnaly wildly variable individual lifespans, or being a whopping 2 months late for Fedora 18!

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One of my previous hobbies, which, for all intents and purposes, I don't do anymore:

Geocaching.com -- GPS Treasure Hunting!

My geocaching sites:

I no longer have any active geocaches.

Hi-rez Canadian Geocaching permit

This file was designed and created by AVDesign in Montreal. You may copy it, but please properly credit it.

My worksheet in Excel or .jpg

My findsheet in Excel or .jpg

How to calculate coordinates lower than the precision of your gps allows

A .wk4 (excel compatible) file that calculates the distance and bearing between one point and a set others

Scanned .jpg's of an article in La Presse de Montreal, Friday, 04 July 2003, on geocaching p1 p2 p3 p4

A CBC Radio interview I did on geocaching, which aired on January 22, 2004

Scanned .jpg's of an article in La Presse de Montreal, Friday, 04 July 2003, on geocaching p1 p2 p3 p4

My pics from Go and Get 'Em 6 in Ottawa

Places I think are cool:

Geocaching.com -- GPS Treasure Hunting!