Welcome to malak.ca, home to Don's House of Fine Patisseries, winemaking, scouting, Star Trek,
anti-wussley stuff, the Sedish Chef, and general silliness updating my website.

Right now my old zip archives are here.


My winemaking recipe archive
My Scouting archive
My Star Trek archive
My anti-wussley archive
My Swedish Chef archive -- includes recipes!
My old homepage and web pages/resources

My most recent hobby, Geocaching:

Geocaching.com -- GPS Treasure Hunting!
NaviCache.com -- more GPS Treasure Hunting

My geocaching sites:

Iced Tea 2 -- Montreal, Quebec
Iced Tea Y2K+1 -- Montreal, Quebec
Iced Tea 4 the King -- Montreal, Quebec
Iced Tea 5 -- St. Eustache, Quebec
Iced Tea 6 -- Ste. Rose, Laval, Quebec
Iced Tea 11 -- St. Jovite, Quebec
Iced Tea 12's Excellent Adventure -- Ile Bizard, Quebec
Iced Tea 13 --
Iced Tea 14 -- Blainville, Quebec
Iced Tea 15 -- Pierrefonds, Quebec
Iced Tea 16 Trades Places -- Ile Perrot, Quebec
Iced Tea 17 -- Montreal, Quebec
Iced Tea 18 -- Montreal, Quebec
Iced Tea 19 -- Montreal, Quebec
The Running of the Iced Teas -- Somewhere in Montreal, Quebec
Iced Tea 21 -- Westmount, Quebec
My worksheet in Excel or .jpg
My findsheet in Excel or .jpg
How to calculate coordinates lower than the precision of your gps allows
A .wk4 (excel compatible) file that calculates the distance and bearing between one point and a set others

Places I think are cool:

Geocaching.com -- GPS Treasure Hunting!
NaviCache.com -- more GPS Treasure Hunting
GeoCoded CyberStahes Geocaching adapted to urban environments where physical stashes can't be left
LetterBoxing -- similar to Geocaching, but involves various degrees of location clues according
to the author's whims and involves the use of rubber stamps.
LetterboxingCentral.Com -- more letterboxing
acme.com a place with loads of unix freeware apps and online apps, such as the label maker that made the