Iced Tea 6

N 45 36.422 W 073 45.193 (WGS-84) 
in Quebec, Canada
Hidden on: 8/14/2001
Use Waypoint: GC1691 (what's this?)

(ratings out of 5 stars) 
Difficulty: 1  Terrain: 1.5

45.8 metres elevation, 8.4 metres accuracy.

Geocache located in Ste. Rose, Laval, Quebec.

The inside of the lid contains a vital clue for "Iced Tea 7" so be sure
to take note of the information!

Iced tea is a personal trademark. However, this cache, like my previous,
doesn't contain any iced tea for fear of freezing and thirsty nonhuman
animals. :) 

The terrain is dog and child friendly. Good place to let the dogs run
but be certain to be able to call them back. Perhaps a touch too far for
very young children but you can stay on established trails until the
last 75 metres. Parking and cache are separated by about 850 metres as
the crow flies. Take a trail map that is available so that you may
follow the trails more easily. 

The raw data for my readings will soon be available from

This cache also includes a cache starter kit -- a 1 litre container with
basic stuff and goodies, ready for you to place. Good for a first time
cacher wondering how to put together a cache and needing a container
with some basic goodies. Counts as 1 prize in the trading rule. 

Initial contents: 

Logbook, pen & pencil -- SVP ecrire en francais s'il vous convient mieux! 
3 packages of firestarters 
2 somethings in which you can put Hershey's Kisses and use as a stocking
1 pink plastic lei (think Hawaii) 
1 happy face mug 
1 KFS set I cut down to size to make them lighter for hiking 
1 Cache starter kit -- a 1 litre wide-mouth bottle with a firestarter, 2
Quebec flag lapel pins, small plasticized geocaching letter, 1 logbook,
pen, pencil, cache placement FAQ and a placement worksheet

Montreal Geocacher's List: 


Decrypted hint below:

Cnexvat ng: A45 36.428' J073 45.846' +/- 5z @ 44.2z ryringvba Va Obvf
qr y'Rdhreer, Fgr. Ebfr, Yniny bss gur Enat bs gur fnzr anzr. 12 yvger
oynpx cnvy jvgu n juvgr yvq va guerr gerrf ng nobhg 6 srrg uvtu.

Decryption Key:


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)