Iced Tea 5

by Donald Buchan

N 45 34.706 W 073 54.840 (WGS-84)

in Quebec, Canada
Hidden on: 7/31/2001
Use Waypoint: GC13C7

(ratings out of 5 stars)
Difficulty:  2  Terrain:  1.5


52 metres elevation, 9.9 metres accuracy.

Geocache located in St. Eustache, Quebec.

Iced tea is a personal trademark. However, this cache, like my previous, doesn't contain
any iced tea for fear of freezing and thirsty nonhuman animals. :)

The terrain is just at the limit of being dog and child friendly, but is the type of
undeveloped city forest that has garbage here and there, so watch their paws. Challenging
for the smaller dogs and probably young children. 

There were too many mosquitoes on July 31 2001 when I set it, so bring a *lot* of
bugspray unless you're more worried about your snowshoes catching in fallen trees. This
is what has upped the challenge to 2 stars. :)

Eventually the raw data for my readings will be available from

There is also a plasticized sheet of local attractions -- please leave it there! The text
will soon be available through

Initial contents: 

Logbook, pen & pencil -- SVP ecrire en francais s'il vous convient mieux!
4 packages of firestarters 
1 bargain basement priced Nortel frisbee -- 1/5 the price of a year ago :) 
1 CD compiled in the benefit of the 30 Hour Famine 
1 tape by "JunkHouse" 
1 Oven mitt 
Plastic Bags for cache in/trash out -- no need to leave anything for a plastic bag. But
you're invited to leave more bags if you wish. :)

Montreal Geocacher's List:


Additional hints can be decrypted below.

You can decrypt the hint with the chart.

Cnex ng A45 34.549' J073 54.889'. Vg frrzf gb or n trarenyyl cbchyne cynpr (OVT UVAG
URER!) 12 yvger oynpx cynfgvp cnvy jvgu juvgr yvq ng onfr bs guerr prqne gerrf.

Decryption Key:


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)