Iced Tea 2

by Donald Buchan

N 45 26.411 W 073 36.315 (WGS-84) 

in Quebec, Canada
Hidden on: 7/18/2001
Use Waypoint: GC117A

(ratings out of 5 stars)
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 1.5


Average accuracy of 10m; average elevation of 47m.

Geocache/Letterbox hybrid in Agrignon Park in Montreal.

Iced tea is a personal trademark. However, this cache, like my previous, doesn't contain
any iced tea for fear of freezing and thirsty nonhuman animals. :)

Geocache/Letterbox hybrid. Right now that means it contains a stamp, but please bring
your own inkpad!

The terrain is reasonably dog friendly, but is the type of public city park that has
garbage here and there, so watch their paws. Plenty of trails you *can* but don't *have*
to use, but not will be more challenging for the smaller dogs.

Eventually the raw data for my readings will be available from

Initial contents:

Logbook, pen & pencil, and stamp -- SVP ecrire en francais s'il vous convient mieux!
3 packages of firstarters
1 Canada headgear/sunshade
1 pack fridge magnet clips

Plastic Bags for cache in/trash out -- no need to leave anything for a plastic bag. But
you're invited to leave more bags if you wish. :)

When I placed the cache, I could have taken out three bags instead of one without effort
had I had the bags! When I went back (and met a geoseeker) I brought out two more bags.
Could have still brought out a few more had I been so inclined. :(

Roughly 270 metres from NW end of the pond. You figure out the direction. :)

Montreal Geocacher's List:

Encrypted hint below:

12 yvger oynpx cynfgvp cnvy jvgu juvgr yvq uvq va gur ubyybj onfr bs n gerr ebhtuyl ba
gur fbhgu fvqr. Cyragl bs cnexvat ninvynoyr bss bs qr yn Ireraqelr.

Decryption Key:

(letter above equals below, and vice versa)