Iced Tea
Iced Tea and My other favourite drinks

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The Drinks:
Iced Tea Wine Beer Hard Liquor
Iced Tea I'm addicted to Iced Tea that is made by Nestle. Quite so much that I actually go through mild withdrawal on some days that I don't have any! I drink 2 to 3 litres a day of it, and go through three 680g containers every two weeks. Because of the effects of water hardness on the taste of tea, I can even tell whether or not a water is relatively soft or hard depending on the taste of the tea. It is all natural, so the container says. Its list of ingredients is, in order of importance: sugar; citric acid; instant tea; natural lemon flavour. A Rover Crew I belong to has a Coffee Guide, describing the coffee preferences of its members. Here's my contribution: "Invisible; odourless; tasteless; non-existant. Rather, Don should be allowed to savour his iced tea, prepared by his own hand, at the mix ratio of 2.5 teaspoons powder per half carafe or 3 teaspoons per candle holder, both mixed by circular motion caused by simple rocking of the vessel. Death or worse awaits the squire who messes with my iced tea although care should be taken by the Squire that ample potable water is available." More information about the product can be found by calling: 1-800-387-4636 or by writing to: Nestle Canada Inc. Box 7200 Willowdale B Ontario Canada M2K 2Z2 It goes well with vodka, though I've only mixed the two twice. Click
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Wine: Wanna go to my
wine page? Then click here! I have no particular preference for wine beyond: - I prefer low alcohol white wines with a touch of sweetness - I prefer homemade brew over commercial stuff But: I do make a good Liefraumilch & Mosel at home from kits. I also will always try (and usually like) someone's homemade stuff. I don't particularly like reds, but homemade reds are usually nice. Click here to go to the top of this page.
Beer: Again, I have no beer preferences beyond these generalities: - I tend to like darker beers as they tend to be smoother with less hops - I'm not fond of most mainstream (North American) commercial beers - I like to try imports -- usually according to the other rules - I like to try -- and have enjoyed -- microbrews (ie. specialty market beers made by small breweries) - I will always try someone's homebrew - I occasionally go to an imported beer place (Maison des Bieres Importees, for those of you in or visiting Montreal, which is right beside the Papineau Metro Station) and usually order a Kwak and a Younger's Tartan. Recently, I have developed a love for La Gaillarde and Trois Pistoles by
Unibroue, a microbrewery in Chambly, Quebec. THIS SITE IS IN FRENCH. Click here to go to the top of this page.
Hard Liquor: I generally like liqueurs -- sweet, after dinner drinks. My favourite poison is a 1:1 combination of green Creme de Menthe and Midori (melon Liqueur). I'm also fond of Blue Curacao, which I discovered in Europe. It tastes a bit like bubble gum, but is made from the essence of the peels of the Curacao orange, an orange native to the West Indies. The reason I picked it up was because it looks like Romulan Ale, a
Star Trek reference. I also like: - Fuzzy Navels (OJ & peach schnapps) - Grasshoppers (Creme de Menthe and cream or milk) - Bailey's Irish Cream - Occasionally I like the Licorice stuff (Sambucca) - Creme de Grand Marnier - Vieux Montreal (strong coffee, Bailey's, Tia Maria, Grand Marnier & topped with whipped cream) I don't go for brandy and the like, though. I don't particularly like spirits like vodka, rye, scotch, gin, rum and the like, though I occasionally will drink a Gin & Tonic. Click here to go to the top of this page.
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