The DSS Dented Prize
The DSS Dented Prize
Earth ... The first frontier. These are the misadventures of the DSS Dented Prize. Its five minute mission: To explore a familiar, known place; to seek out known life and civilizations; to meekly go where everyone has been before ... The Washroom!
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Star Trek FTP'ing Here's my ST FTP site. There's a lot of ST humour, but I of course host other stuff and would be pleased to host your submissions.
Links Note: ST = Star Trek, SF = Starfleet, TOS = The Original Series (Kirk etc), TNG = The Next Generation (Picard etc.), DS9 = Deep Space Nine (Sisko etc.), and VOY = Voyager (Janeway etc.)

My Stuff: A reference to Romulan Ale My ST FTP site
Announcements: Paramount Digital Entertainment/Microsoft Network Press Release
Archives/Information The Ferengi Rules of Aquisition ST ST information of all sorts in German; Great (if I could read German:( ) ST Comics List FAQ -- part 4 ST html Archives and links Romulan Ale Recipes the alt.startrek.creative archives A complete ST archive LCARS: Federation Databank Web Page General ST Archives
Clubs: University of Warwick ST Society (Bajoran Stuff) ST Italian Club (in Italian) Lots of great stuff including many lists, episode guides, and languages UKC ST Society Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
Commercial Stuff: Nightmare Factory ST Costumes, a Toronto (Ontario, Canada) commercial site that sells ST costumes and accessories ST OMNIPEDIA Reviews of books -- ST stuff in the Science Fiction section
Episode Guides: ST:TNG (List of ST:TNG Episodes)
Games SF Battles Another SF Battles page ASG-UFP ASG-UFP Cosmic Quest -- Astronut!
General Info Pages A Wee bit of ST Worf's ST Page Polls on favourite episodes Nitpicker Central ST Goofs Klingon Recipes
Humour: The UBS Casual Hilarious! The Kaferian Apple Club has a couple of ST pages & links Dar's ST Vault The ST:The Happy Face Generation page Seany's Star Trek Funnies Page And Now For Something Completely Different (Monty Python meets ST)
Languages: A page on modern Vulcan
Link Pages: Links at BIT Louis E. Kahn's ST links The best ST link page, maintained by Luca Sambucci Infoseek Seach for "ST" WWW ST Homepage Great link page with ratings. The ST Archive: Other Sites Joe Creighton's links Small list of ST Pages Yamato's Warp Engine Eva's ST Warp Engine A Great page! Gimplimp's Homepage Has some links to other ST sites as well as lots of other things. Wade through and you'll find it. ST Fan Page Links to Pics, reviews, etc. United Planetary Alliance1
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Pictures & Sounds The Ships of ST ST Library ST WWW ST Picture Page Ship pictures sneakpreviews of the Enterprise E Hack-Man ST Page images from Entertainment Tonight regarding the next movie Erwin's ST Page Pictures, dowloadables, sounds, information, links (in German) Chunks ST Site ST Pictures, animations, WAV's, and MIDI's
Shareware ST Shareware
Ship Abilities The ST Archives ST FTL travel Cloaking device technology
Stories: Text based stories related to TOS, primarily Vulcan related All kinds of stories and stuff Earth Orbital Station 14 The Definitive Guide to ST Fanfic on the Web
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