Don Buchan's Wine & Stuff Page
Don Buchan's Wine & Stuff Page

This page gives you links to some of my winemaking references and other web stuff about wine and beer. This page has been accessed times. Click here to go to my home page.
My Stuff: Click here to see r.c.w.'s NET RESOURCES section Click here to see r.c.w.'s NET RESOURCES hyperized Click here to read rec.crafts.winemaking's FAQ Click here to see a brief overview of the history of winemaking Click here to see my text on making wine from kits, as well as other general winemaking tips Click here to learn how to make yeast starter Click here for a collection of wine recipes through FTP Click here for a list of my favourite drinks and general musings thereon Click here for questions and answers I've dealt with by email (zipped) Click here for a text on good sources of information. Note that this is not mine; I'm just hosting it.
Net Resources

For a Guide in Making Fermented Beverages, click here or, send mail to asking for the simple fermented beverages guide.
Ask the Cork Dork!
Here's the address of a wine expert who might know the answer to that burning question you have about wines in general. His name is Peter Granoff at Virtual Vineyards, a great information page about wines. Don at malak& (&=@) will also research the answer to as many questions about wine as possible when asked, but my wine knowledge is primarily related to the actual making of wine at home.
Suppliers: Supplier information at The Brewery
Other Stuff: - InfoSeek search for wine and winemaking. - Info on wineries and international wines. - Robin Garr's Wine Bargain Page - Steve Penoncello's wine page - North Carolina Department of Agriculture's wine section
Beer & Mead: - rec.crafts.brewing's FAQ - The Mead Maker's Home Page - Homebrew Digest, Mead, Cider - Click here to get information on "The Cat's Meow", a collection of beer recipes. - Click here to get various stuff from the Archives of the Homebrew Digest by email. For information send an message the word "help" (without the quotes) in the body of the message.)
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